How to Make Steel Corner Brackets

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • Ruler/straight edge. Get a good steel one, aluminum ones bend, ding, and can even get whittled down accidentally by sharp marking tools.
  • Angle grinder
  • Angle iron 
  • Permanent marker
  • Drill & Drill bit – one from the hardware store is fine for steel – make sure it’s a little bigger than the screws you’re using to install the brackets
  • Square
  • Tape Measure
  • Wrench and Rite Hite clamps for holding work.

Step 2: Measuring and Marking Length

Decide just about how wide you need your brackets – mark that dimension down in your notebook, so you don’t forget – and then measure from the end of your material with a tape measure.
If your material has a rough end, use the square to make a clean, square line across, then mark your length from that.

Use your marker to make just a little stroke mark at your length, then use the square to make a perpendicular line across the material. Put the lines on both “legs” of the material and make sure they go all the way to the edges.

Step 3: Cutting the angle Iron to size

Use the angle grinder to cut out your bracket. Ensure that the angle iron is facing “down” with both legs touching the table. This is a stable way to hold the material.

Step 4: Mark where the holes go

Grab one of the brackets. Use your ruler to find the centre of the legs on each bracket and then draw a line.

Next, eyeball how far in you want your hole (at LEAST make sure your screw head won’t hang over the edge – but put it further inside than that anyway.)

Drill the holes

Locate your first hole under the bit, then clamp your work down securely. Drill!