How to build a Steel Fire pit

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What you will need:

A work table

1.2m x 1.2m steel plate

11m steel bar

Angle grinder & Cutting disc

Measuring Tape

Welding macine

Welding rods

Welding gloves

Welding helmet

Step 1: Cutting the Plate for the Bowl

Get out your tape measure and mark the steel plate as shown in the sketch.

With a cutting disc, cut out the corner pieces as shown.

Lightly score the fold lines on the central square.

This will help you bend the plate neatly.

Step 2: Shaping the Bowl

Bend along the edges of the central square until the corners meet.

Lightly weld the corners to hold the shape.

You may need to get a hammer onto it at this point to get the edges to meet.

Weld the edges together.

A bit of a tidy up with a grinder might be a good idea now to get rid of any sharp bits.

You now have the bowl part of your fire pit completed.

Step 3: Making the Stand

The idea of the stand is to safely raise the bowl above ground level. It is simply made up of two squares; one is 700mm x 700mm to hold the bowl part, and the base is 900mm x 900mm.

Between these squares is a very simple lattice to give it rigidity.

Cut the steel bar for your two squares: 4 x 900mm and 4 x 700mm.

Set the squares out taking care to make sure they are square and weld the corners.

**TIP: measure the diagonals of the squares before welding to be sure they are actually square – they should be equal.

When you have the two squares made up it’s time to go 3D. I found this bit to be quite fiddly. You can see in the pictures that the smaller square is propped on some bits of wood etc to get it to the right height and position. Once the smaller square is in a satisfactory position, measure and cut some bar to go between the corners. Carefully position these and lightly weld them. When all four are tacked in place you can get rid of the temporary supports.

Check that the structure looks even and square.

If it looks wonky don’t be afraid to get the hammer onto it.

Now measure and cut bar to go from the centres of each edge of the larger square to the top corners. Use the image as a guide.

Check for any unevenness, and if all is good weld, all the joints properly.

Tidy up the welds with a grinder if necessary.

Step 4: Conclusion

Drop the bowl part into the stand. Stand back and admire your awesome new fire pit.